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I-Finder impression taking

i-Finder-Serv is a service that we carry out in ONservice through which the dentist does not need to take measurements for screw-retained prostheses in multiple implants
Incición y Agujeros.png
Colocación de Implantes.png

1. I-Finder-Abut Healing Abutment Placement

​The dentist places our i-Finder-Abut healing abutments in the 1st or 2nd surgery

Colocación de Pilares.png
Colocación de Pilares - Colocados.png

2. Healing of the Gingiva

We will wait several weeks (depending on the healing speed of the patient) with the I-Finder-Abut caps screwed in the implants

Cicatrización de Encía.png
Cicatrización de Encía - Completa.png

3. Simple surgical and antagonist jaw impressions

Only make two simple impressions with Silicone (upper and lower jaw) with a plastic tray.

You don't have to cast any of them with plaster. You can also create the mesh with intraoral scan.

Maxilar of Surgery Impression with Silicone

Impresión Simple - Cirugía.png
Impresión Simple - Cirugía - Completa.

Antagonist Impression with Silicone

Impresión Simple - Antagonista.png
Impresión Simple - Antagonista - Comple

4. Bite Register

If it is an edentulous, you must make a bite register.

The dry bite register in mouth is useful for us to be able to immobilise the jaw at the time of performing the CBCT.

5. CBCT shot to the Patient

The assistant performs a CBCT shot on the patient with the healing caps I-Finder-Abut placed in the mouth and if applicable with the bite registration also placed in the mouth (mainly for edentulous).

Disparo CBCT - Paciente.png
Disparo CBCT - Paciente - Completo .png

6. CBCT shot to trays and bite register

Subsequently, the assistant performs a CBCT shot to each tray without performing the positive print with plast and if proceeds, to the bite registration

7. Sending DICOM files through We Transfer to ONservice

The DICOM files of each shot taken are sent to ONservice

Envío DICOM .png

8. ONservice sending STL files to the lab

ONservice prepares the STL files for the lab, which only has as a requirement to work with the EXOCAD or 3Shape program.

In case of need, we can provide with a lab of our trust.

ONservice Dental Implant
4 Business Days against the 15 Business Days of the Traditional Process
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