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What is I-Finder?

I-Finder is a non-invasive assessment device (trays, intraoral scanner) that is recommended for screw-retained prostheses with a minimum of two implants.

ONservice states that this system will fully digitize the measurements taken in the patient's mouth.

Patented I-Finder Abut

Patented healing abutment to place in the mouth to perform the service I-Finder-Serv. These abutments are patented and manufactured under the license granted by the European Union.

We have abutments for the most common standard connections implants External hexagon platform standard Internal hexagon type ZIMMER standard platform NOBEL Multiunit also in standard platform.

ONservice Dental Implant

To check the compatibility of your implant, please go to the below link

If you don't find your implant Brand, contact with us to solve that
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