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ONservice Dental Implant

We are professionals dedicated to the sector of industry with over 20 years experience. We work constantly on new patented technologies to support the different sectors to have better services to give. ONservice is specialised in the medical sector and keep expanding frontiers.


Being a great professional in the field of dentistry, empathising with your patients and providing solutions to their needs, allows you to build a good reputation in the service you provide.


But when to these variables we add INNOVATION, EFFICACITY, EFFICIENCY and FACILITATION to the procedure, ONService stands out in a competitive dental market, achieving a privileged position in the sector.

In implantology we have worked so that oral health professionals can offer their patients INNOVATION, EFFICACITY and EFFICIENCY, through FACILITATION of the procedure, as a means to cover their needs in a journey full of ADVANTAGES and BENEFITS for all the actors involved in oral implant processes and we can offer them a new and interesting method with which they eliminate the very annoying and uncomfortable processes of impression taking for screw-retained prostheses on multiple implants.

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